About Us

Dosti means Friendship


Inspired by the Street Food markets of the world.


Dosti Eats is bringing Street Food from around the world to Barrie. Our food is inspired by the exotic flavours, bright colours and vibrant atmosphere of the world’s best street markets. 

Dosti is not just about exotic and fantastic food it is about community. Dosti translated to English, means Friendship. At Dosti we have created a place that celebrates friendship:

  • Friendship with yourself - a place where you are choosing the right things to put into your body.

  • Friendship with the flavours and foods from all different parts of the world.

  • Friendship with your those most important in your life in a welcoming, bright and vibrant atmosphere. 


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“A celebration of diverse flavours.” 


Because we’re not fast food, we’re “Real, Good food. Quick.”


At Dosti Eats we make it easy to eat well in a busy world.

We know that the reality of life is that its busy. And we all know that we have to eat well to be healthy in the mind and healthy in the body.

We provide that option that you can feel good about - even if you are short on time. We use the finest and freshest ingredients. We provide our foods in ready made, small batches so when time is of the essence you don’t have to go to the drive through.

At Dosti Eats you can feel good about what you put in your body.




Like the vibrant street food markets of the world, Dosti Eats is a place where people come to feel joy.

The joy of delicious food

The joy of bright colours in an open and welcoming atmosphere. 

The joy of spending time with friends.

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Shalu has been a restaurateur in Barrie for 30 years. She owns and operates the two Simmering Kettle restaurants in Barrie.

The idea for Dosti Eats was inspired 10 years ago on the opening of Herb n’Sage when she decided to add some unique foods to the menu,

We were doing kebabs and the tandoori chicken and people were loving the unique flavours.” 

It was then the concept was born. 

“A year ago the name and the atmosphere came to me.

I wanted to create a place where people could just feel joy. Just feel happy.

That’s why we created this concept: the bright colours, the healthy food, the vibrant atmosphere.

That’s why we picked the name Dosti. Dosti means friendship.

We want Dosti Eats to be a place of friendship.”